Current Job Openings: 

Full Time Physical Therapist

The position is for a full time PT who is proficient in orthopedics and manual therapy; but we will happily train and mentor a PT who has it going on professionally, even if they lack experience in ortho and manual therapy.

We are:

  • In the Santa Ynez Valley on California’s central coast, which is an ideal location for someone who desires an active life-style, and easy access to mountains, beach, etc. We have some of the best year-round weather in the world!
  • A location that is a great place to raise kids. We have excellent schools.
  • A PT owned private practice that specializes in orthopedic and manual therapy.
  • Progressive in our evidence based approach and expect our staff to be dynamic, active and engaging in our daily practice with staff, clients and community.
  • Manual therapy and exercise oriented, and believe that those with limited clinical problem solving skills often rely heavily on modalities and ineffective treatment techniques.
  • The PT practice that treats our referring physicians and their families.
  • The PT practice that sees the failed cases or train wrecks that other PT’s or MD’s could not help.
  • Always learning.
  • Actively engaged in training and treating: local athletes of all ages and sports; youth teams; school teams; club teams; recreational or professional athletes.
  • A staff that works hard together and will expect anyone who joins us to share our high expectations and work ethic. We love what we do! If your focus is primarily about you, $, and a slow cruise through your workday, then don’t waste our time contacting us. Knuckleheads need not apply.
  • Expecting you to have the gumption and drive to apply for this position yourself. We are not interested in those who need a ‘headhunter’ to find a job.

You've gotta be smart. You must possess the depth of character, work ethic and integrity to extent which those qualities define your pursuit of excellence as a physical therapist academically, clinically, and professionally. You must have the desire to inspire excellence in others at work, and in our community. You must be teachable and willing to sharpen the clinical skills of others. You must be willing to pursue and develop close collegial relationships with other staff.

 You can't be a clock puncher, a nickel and dimer, or someone who requires constant stroking. You must be all in for this position.

 If any of the above doesn't sit well with you, then you are not who we are looking for.

 If you are interested in pursuing a position with us, give us a call at 805-688-5000 and ask for Rob, or email us at: rrpt@aol.com. If not, it’s your loss because our staff and facility rock!

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